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Student Club

The student-run Basque Club at Boise State University is about getting students together, both on an informal and formal basis, to participate in various campus and community-wide Basque events.  See for example our Calendar of Events

B bask2One does not have to be a Basque to be a member–this is open to all our students who have an interest in Basque things

Our motto: “WORK-LITE – FUN HEAVY”

Contact us/find us at

When you get involved in student activities you:

  • develop leadership skills
  • become connected to Boise State University (feeling a sense of “place”) and the wider Basque community
  • make a difference on and off campus
  • gain a sense of achievement
  • make new friends
  • enjoy a variety of experiencesconnect[1]
  • impress potential employers and graduate schools
  • have fun!

For more general information about student clubs at Boise State see

Be unique and study the oldest language in Europe yet a current and hip language. Tweet in Basque, WhatsApp in Basque, Facebook in Basque.

Be Basque speaker number 800.001. You count!!!

Be adventurous, become a “Bronco Abroad” and study Basque in the Basque Country during summer.

Be come part of the community and complete internships at the Boise Basque Museum and at Ikastola, the only Basque language preschool outside of the Basque Country!

Be inquisitive and take interdisciplinary courses on Basque topics taught by great Boise State Faculty ;-)

Be part of the vibrant campus life by joining the Boise State Basque student club!

– you too can B Basque…Dare to be UNIQUE!!!