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Learning Links

learning linksToday’s ideal classroom isn’t really a classroom at all; it’s not limited to a room in a building. The ideal classroom is truly a “learning system;” a “Learning Link” of experiences, conversations, and activities that allow students to generate a satisfying, self-directed education. People, places, and experiences all become resources for motivated learners.  This page is about “Basque Learning Links” locally, nationally and internationally.  Check out some of these online resources:

Basque Government logo   The Basque Country: Insight into its culture, history, society and institutions (pdf)

85x85Basque Diaspora: Basques of Idaho & Beyond

Gramatika Gaitasuna Lantzen book< Online Euskara grammar exercises


Basque-English Morris student dictionary:

Etxepare Institute’s introduction to various aspects of Basque culture (in English):
10 liburu: Ten Basque books profiled (pdf)etxe pare logo
Bersolaritza: Improvised Basque verse (pdf)
Tradizioak: Basque traditions (pdf)
Zinema: Basque Films (pdf)
Etxepare Institute: Dantza (pdf)
Euskara: The Basque Language (pdf)
Literatura: Basque Literature (pdf)
Musika klasika: Basque Classical Music (pdf)
Euskal kantagintza: Basque Rock, Pop & Folk Music (pdf)
Estanpa bilduma: A collection of Basque prints (pdf)
Sukaldaritza: Basque Cuisine (pdf)
Anthology of Basque Oral Literature (pdf)

EtxepareAntologiak-haEuskal Sorzaileak collection:
Katu Jendea (pdf) by Eider Rodriguez

Euskal Antologiak Saila (Basque Anthology Series):
Haur Antologia (pdf) Children and Youth Literature Today by Jone Arroitajauregi
Narratib antologia (pdf) Contemporary Basque Narrative by Mike Ayerbe

Downloadable Books | Listing of publications

decorative basque knot Basque Proverbs (pdf)

Medieval Basques:
Basque Government photo archive:
Basque-American festivals (video):

Boise State Library Basque video collection

Basque educational online video links:link clipart
Basque language in the press/media (14 min)
History of the Ikastola Movement (17 Min)
Etxepare “Homeland” introduction of Basques (11 min)

Basques: K-12 lesson plans
“Orhipean:” Basque Traditions book overview (pdf)

Collected at EBSCO

Basque bookBECOMING BASQUE online pdf version