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SSP Basque Studies

Basque Studies at Boise State University remains active in placing students in practical learning environments or internships. Our internship program is in conjunction with the following Boise State departments and programs: Theater, English, Kinesiology, Political Science,  Anthropology, History, International Business, Sociology, World Languages, Gender Studies, Honors college, Environmental Studies, Economics & Geography

Contact us about possibilities.

Previous Boise State interns at the Basque Museum included:

  • Catherine ALLEN
  • Jody AULT
  • Tonya EMONNOT
  • Tim GUILL
  • Olivia FINK
  • Audra HOYT
  • Alissa PETERSON
  • Ashley NEUBRAND
  • Fritz SIEGERT
  • Earle SWOPE
  • Cami TISLER
  • Kody WOODS

Previous Boise State interns & volunteers at the Ikastola Basque Language preschool included:


  • Kelsey ALLEN
  • Itxaso CAYERO
  • Mariah LELAND
  • Alaina GAVICA
  • Annie GAVICA
  • Renee ROHMAN

REQUIREMENTS:  Your overall GPA should be 3.0 to qualify for internship credit, although under certain conditions the GPA requirement may be waived. If your overall GPA is below 3.2 you may only take the internship pass/not pass. All one-credit internships will be pass/not pass.

In order to earn a passing grade for your activities you will be responsible for the following:

  • Fulfill the hourly obligation with the agency for the number of credits you expect to earn, i.e. 50 hours for each credit taken.
  • Maintain a journal or log in which you describe your assignments and record the number of hours worked at each. It is also a good idea to enter here the type of learning experience you gained in each task. At the end of the semester you should present the log to your supervisor(s) to make sure that your records correspond to theirs. The completed log, with supervisor’s signature, should then be turned into the department’s internship coordinator during the last week of classes.
  • Also, during the final week of classes you should submit to the internship coordinator a brief essay about your experience. This should reflect the impact that the internship had on your educational development. It should be typewritten, double-spaced, one-inch margins, standard 12-point typeface, and no more than five-pages long. Your name and the name of the agency where you worked should be at the top of the essay.
  • Prior to the end of the semester the internship coordinator will request a written evaluation from your supervisor. You have the right to see the evaluation your supervisor submits before the coordinator turns your grade into the registrar.
  • It is your responsibility to keep in touch with the internship coordinator about problems that may surface as you engage in your internship activities. The sooner you do this, the easier it is to make adjustments. It is our intention to make the internship process a positive educational experience where the student and the agency both benefit.

ENROLLMENT.  Contact a faculty member in Basque Studies, then follow the general guidelines to apply.