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Eskerrak: Student Appreciation

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Arguably the most important element that makes our Basque Studies Program possible is you–the student.  If students did not enroll in our courses and workshops, there would be no program.  That is why we wanted to express our gratitude to you.

We hope that you enjoy this course offering and the aspects of Basque culture revealed by your instructor. The hope is that you might continue to partake of other program offerings (see links), and perhaps even explore the option of a Basque Studies Minor.  Our program of advanced study of the Basque people specifically–while exploring the human condition generally–involves varied aspects of language, history, politics, economics, etc., that seeks to forge learning links to empower students to generate a satisfying, self-directed pursuit of life-long learning.  Come back to our website for more information and learning links to the larger Basque world, and once again ESKERRIK ASKO: “many thanks!”

ABOVE BANNER: Our program’s aspiration is to build bridges or “learning links” for potential life-long learning; the Administration Building anchoring us here at Boise State University; Basque arborglyphs or wood-carvings capturing the early Basque connection to the sheep industry; the connection with the Boise “Basque Block” community; first university of the Basque Country (1548) connecting us with the long history of higher learning in Basque Studies and relationship between the cities of Boise and Oñati where our program began its studies abroad in the 1970s.