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Basque Studies at Boise State University is a Sponsored Program

Basque Studies at Boise State University is a sponsored program, which means that while Boise State sustains the program, outside financial resources are required to keep the program going.  As such, we are dependent on the generosity of others who believe in the mission of Basque Studies.

To financially support our program:

Donation by Mail

Make checks payable to: Boise State University Foundation, Inc. Please reference “fund number SR123” for Basque Studies.
Mail checks to: Boise State University Foundation, Inc., 2225 University Drive, Boise, ID 83706.

Donation Online

Visit the Basque Studies Consortium Support Fund webpage.

Reasons to support Basque Studies at Boise State University

A Living Legacy

If a culture does not possess effective means of transmission from one generation to the next, then it is doomed to perish. Somehow, someway and against the odds, Basques found ways to preserve their unique identity across thousands of years. However, modern times present a new set of challenges for retaining a sense of being Basque, and addressing these new realities will require a concentrated educational effort.

Succinctly our operating motto is “Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate.” Individually and collectively, Basque organizations have done a good job of keeping celebrations going, and these are crucial because frankly, without the “fun” component of our Basque festivities (e.g., picnics, meals, mus tournaments, etc.) we would be hard pressed to sustain our communities. But it is with the next variable of our equation that the Basque Studies Foundation can be of most assistance in supporting educational endeavors at various levels. Educational efforts at the youth level are essential, but they need to continue into higher education because in our world of increasing complexity and interaction, the university remains a key institution for the assessment and transmission of knowledge.  The goal is perpetuating our Basque heritage here in America via education.

No Past, No Future

What Basque Studies at Boise State is doing is looking back to go forward.  We are building on over 100 years of transnational exchange between the United States and the Basque Country, and re-contextualizing it for the 21st century. The auzoak or neighborhoods of the 21st century are the countries of today, and students that have an international experience in more than one auzoa are much better off.  The future (in business, politics, …) are those who get the big global picture.  Basque Studies is an entry point into this exchange, this conversation that’s going on all over the world.  And it is not just Basques in the Basque Country but those in Argentina, Australia and throughout the world. The means is somewhat akin to studying languages: once you have more than one the others come easier.  When a student is immersed in the Basque story, the others become easier to understand.

Our Vision

The main strategic goal is to sustain and grow Basque Studies. Funds go to these three key areas of strategic focus:

  • Fund academic student scholarships that includes Basque Studies
  • Fund a Director for the Basque Studies Consortium at Boise State University
  • Fund expanded activities that will enrich academic and community offerings focused on Basque Studies

 Thanks for “rowing with us!”