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2015 Symposium


Like previous versions, the “Joan-Etorri” (“Going Back & Forth”) Basque Studies 2015 Symposium preceded the Jaialdi* festivities with a series of academic presentations on the campus of Boise State University.

See a photographic recollection here.

Session I: Wed., July 29th morning
Boise State University: Micron Business & Economics Bldg., Room 4001

Topic: Basque Studies
9:00-Inauguration of Symposium
9:15-Iñaki Goirizelaia: “Basque Studies: An Assessment”
10:00-Marijo Olaziregi: “The International Location of Basque Culture”

Topic: Basque Mariners
11:00-William A. Douglass: “Basques in the Pacific”
11:20-Viola G. Miglio: “Commemorating a Massacre: the 1615 killing of the Basque whalers in the West Fjords of Iceland.”
11:40-Xabier Agote: “The Basque Whaleship San Juan”

Session II: Wed., July 29th afternoon
Boise State University: Micron Business & Economics Bldg., Room 4001

Topic: Defining the Basque Diaspora
1:30-Ziortza Gandarias Beldarrain: “Countries in Between:Diaspora the bridge to build the new ‘I’”
1:50-Imanol Galdos: “The Future of Euskadi: Boise”
2:10-Edurne Arostegui: “The Construction of Basque-American Identity: Imagery and Stereotypes of the United States and the Homeland.”
2:30-Argitxu Camus Etchecopar: “Basque Ethnic Institutions in the United States: Historical Perspective”

Topic: Basques & U.S. Public Grazing Lands
3:00-Kevin Hatfield: “Amerikanuak in the Great Basin: Contesting Identity and Claiming Space in the Federal Lands, 1890s-1934”
3:20-Ryan Powell: “The Rise and Fall of Guy Saval: The Search for Order in Outback Nevada”
3:40-Iker Saitua: “Sweet Public Lands: Basque Sheepherders, Cattlemen, and the Problems Over the Federal Domain in Nevada, 1890-1934”
4:00-John Odiaga: Telling the Story of Gavada: Joe Odiaga, the “Basque Patrick Henry,” and Resistance and Adaptation on the Public Domain

Location: Boise’s historic Egyptian Theater (one block from Basque Block) sponsored by Boise State Basque Studies & Idaho Humanities Council
5:00PM: Free sampling of Basque “Sagardoa” hard cider
5:30PM: Screening of the film “Song of the Basques” by director Emily Lobsenz
7:30PM: Program with presentations & videos providing an overview of Europe’s “mystery people” the Basques that have found a new home in Idaho.
Keynote speaker: Aizpea Goenaga, Director of the Etxepare Basque Institute.

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Session III: Thur., July 30th morning
Boise State University: Micron Business & Economics Bldg., Room 4001

9:00-Basque Studies Abroad program in Oñati: 40 years later
__Panel discussion: John Bieter & Iñaki Galdos moderator
9:45-Amerikanuak: 40 years later
__Panel discussion: Pedro Oiarzabal w/ William A. Douglass Topic: Euskara
10:30-Estibalitz Amorrutu & Jacqueline Urla: “Learning Basque Outside the Family: What makes me an authentic speaker?”
11:00-Jone Goirigolzarri: “Language policies and language ideologies of the Basque political parties”
11:20-Benjamin Schmeiser & Unai Zaballa-Clares: “Phonological Considerations on the Laryngeal Fricative /h/ in Basque”

Session IV: Thur., July 30th afternoon. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT
Boise State BoDo downtown facility, 301 S. Capitol Blvd[one block from Basque block-image below]Boise State BoDo

Topic: Basques to America
1:30-Steve Bass:  “The Settlement of the Southwestern United States: A Basque Trilogy”
1:50-Presentation of new book “Basques in the United States”, Argitxu Camus Etchecopar & Joxe Mallea
2:10-Topic: Acknowledgement of Basque Literary Writer winners

Topic: From Facts to Fiction: Framing the Basque-American Literature of the Future
2:30-Martin Etchart
2:50-Christine Echeverria Bender
3:10-Gabriel Urza
3:30-Basque Studies students’ poster presentations

Basque Studies: Boise State University
Basque Studies: University of California, Santa Barbara
Basque Studies: California State University, Bakersfield
Center for Basque Studies: University of Nevada, Reno
Etxepare Basque Institute
Magaz Gaindi: Eusko Ikaskuntza
North American Basque Organizations (NABO)
University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)
University of the Basque Country


*This symposium is in conjunction with Jaialdi 2015 but is not directly affiliated. To find the festival schedule go to