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BLOG: Basque Studies Events

Artzainak Gogoan debut

This specific project called Artzainak Gogoan (“Remembering the Sheepherders”) was supported by the Basque Government to provide an online follow-up to the what was initially directed by Liz Hardesty. [Click on initial project proposal]. This is the fruition of the successful collaboration among the Basque Government, the Basque Museum, and the Basque Global Collaborative of Boise State University. It comprises a part of a larger proposal we call Ahaztu Barik which means “not forgotten” that will continue to be developed. This event will inaugurate a new webpage on the Basque Museum’s new website to provide an online database so that friends and relatives might be able to connect with their departed ancestors. Special thanks to Meggan Laxalt and her team for bringing this to a successful completion.


Inaugural event at Morris Hill cemetery (July 2017)

 The Basque eguzkilore (“sunflower”) was the symbol chosen for this project. Traditionally in the Basque Country a dried sunflower would be displayed: though in sense the plant was dead, it was still alive but it was present and remembered. Ahuztu barik!


Collaborative partners:
Basque Government, Basque Global Collaborative of Boise State University and the Basque Museum & Cultural Center.

Panels developed by Meggan Laxalt.

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