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Basque Studies

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    Sep 23 2016

    Basque Studies hosting

    This September, like every year, Boise State Basque Studies helps to host one of the [...]


    Aug 23 2016

    Basques & Shakespeare

    Boise State University had the rare opportunity to host First Folio! The Book that Gave [...]

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    activities - donostia3

    May 09 2016

    Guided Basque Country trip Fall 2016

    Boise State alumni and friends can take advantage of a fantastic travel benefit through the [...]


    Aug 06 2015

    Student Basque Club

    Being Basque isn't just for Basques anymore! The Student Basque Club at Boise State University is open to [...]

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    May 11 2015

    Becoming Basque book

    You can access a free online PDF version of this book. Its dozen chapters--written by Boise [...]

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Basque [bask]  —noun

1. PEOPLE. Basques are the “mystery people” of Europe (western Pyrenees region of France and Spain) because of their unknown origin; in Idaho since the 1890s.

2. LANGUAGE. Basque or Euskara is their unique language and the basis of their name for themselves: “Euskaldunak” or “those who speak Basque;” not known to be related to any other language and likely the oldest living language of Europe.

3. PROGRAM. Basque Studies at Boise State University.  A multi-disciplinary program of advanced study of the Basque people specifically—while exploring the human condition generally—that involves varied aspects of language, history, politics, economics, etc., all the while seeking to forge learning links to empower students (Basque & non-Basque alike) to generate a satisfying, self-directed pursuit of life-long learning. Learn more about our program.

CLICK HERE to find out more Basque basics