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Basque Studies

  • Featured

    May 12 2017

    Fall 2017 Course offerings

    Boise State Basque Studies will again being offering a wide assortment of weekend workshop offerings as [...]


    May 12 2017

    Sponsor 2017 vision

    One of our principal program sponsor is the Etxepare Basque Institute of the Basque Government. [...]

  • Featured

    May 01 2017

    Faculty promotion

    Boise State Basque Studies' Nere Lete, who has been teaching in the program from its [...]


    Mar 27 2017

    Visiting Scholar-Adminstrator

    Boise State is pleased to host visiting professor Iñaki Goirizelaia. He is the former Rector [...]

  • Featured

    Feb 28 2017

    New Basque Studies Chair

    The inauguration of the Eloise Garmendia Bieter, Chair in Basque Studies, was March 2017. To [...]


    Jan 23 2017

    Visiting Basque Researchers

    Boise State Basque Studies is fortunate to be able to host several Basque Country researchers [...]

  • Featured

    Dec 09 2016

    Spring ’17 workshops

    There's still room in some of our Basque Studies workshops for this Spring '17 semester. [...]


    Oct 20 2016

    Basque Diaspora

    Diaspora is a Greek word that references a break-off group from the homeland, as is [...]

  • Featured

    Aug 06 2015

    Student Basque Club

    Being Basque isn't just for Basques anymore! The Student Basque Club at Boise State University is open to [...]


    May 11 2015

    Becoming Basque book

    You can access a free online PDF version of this book. Its dozen chapters--written by Boise [...]

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Basque [bask]  —nouncalendar1

1. PEOPLE. Basques are the “mystery people” of Europe (western Pyrenees region of France and Spain) because of their unknown origin; in Idaho since the 1890s.

2. LANGUAGE. Basque or Euskara is their unique language and the basis of their name for themselves: “Euskaldunak” or “those who speak Basque;” not known to be related to any other language and likely the oldest living language of Europe.

3. PROGRAM. Basque Studies at Boise State University.  A multi-disciplinary program of advanced study of the Basque people specifically—while exploring the human condition generally—that involves varied aspects of language, history, politics, economics, etc., all the while seeking to forge learning links to empower students (Basque & non-Basque alike) to generate a satisfying, self-directed pursuit of life-long learning.

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